Health & Wellness


Randalstown Pharmacies have made a considerable investment in the latest technology designed to make managing your medication simpler.

Do you always remember when to take your medicines?
Are you always sure that you have taken your medicines?
Carers … are you spending too long sorting out medicines?
Is it a challenge to bring bulky medicines with you on holidays?

If you find it is a struggle to organise your medication regime, then PillPacPlus is the solution for you … medicines organised for you in safe sachets to take at the time needed.

Helicobacter Pylori Test

Randalstown Pharmacies provide a specialist 13C-Urea Breath Test for Helicobacter pylori, a relatively harmless bacterium present in the human digestive system and which can cause health problems for some people

H. pylori is prevalent in up to 54 per cent of the population in developed countries. For people with peptic ulcers, the discovery of H. pylori has been a major help in the treatment of their condition. Previously peptic ulcers could not be healed, and commonly recurred. Nowadays, if H. pylori is successfully treated ulcers seldom recur.

If you suffer from peptic ulcers and would like to learn more please contact a member of our Pharmacy Team. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have. 


Strep A Test

Randalstown Pharmacies provide on the premises testing for group A Streptococcus bacterial infections

Strep A- is a throat swab test to establish if patient has a throat infection caused by the Strep A bacteria.

The process takes about 15mins and costs £10 and establishes if the best treatment should be antibiotic or not. Not all sore throats are caused by bacterial infections and this simple test can prevent the unnecessary use of antibiotics. 

Emergency Contraception

Emergency hormonal contraception containing the hormone levonorgestrel and commonly known as the “morning after pill” is available from Randalstown Pharmacies either with or without a prescription.

We offer a discrete professional service. Please contact the Pharmacy and ask to speak with a Pharmacist

Viagra Connect

Randalstown Pharmacies offer this private and discreet service for men seeking treatment for erectile dysfunction

After an initial consultation with a Pharmacist after taking into consideration the patient’s suitability for this treatment eligible men can purchase Viagra from the pharmacist costing £19-£34 depending on quantity of tablets supplied.

Seasonal Flu

Randalstown Pharmacies have trained pharmacists available to provide flu vaccinations within the pharmacy for any individual over 13 years of age.

If you don’t qualify for a NHS seasonal flu vaccination, we can help keep you healthy and well with our in local seasonal flu vaccination service saving you a trip to your Health Centre or Doctor.

Apart from the serious ill effects of catching influenza, millions of working days are lost each year with seasonal flu. If you cannot afford that time off work or are worried about potentially passing the flu to family friends and associates then book a vaccination with a member of the Pharmacy team to protect yourself and others.

Healthy Heart Check

The Randalstown Pharmacies Healthy Heart Check is ideal for those seeking reassurance in respect of their general health and well being.

The Health Heart Check consists of blood pressure weight height check and consultation on lifestyle changes which maybe beneficial to avoid medication or increases in medications.

The tests take place in a private area within the Pharmacy and cost £9. Please speak to a member of the Pharmacy Team for further information.

Mini Health Check

Randalstown Pharmacies offer a Mini Health Check consisting of a blood pressure test and subsequent advice.

If you are worried or concerned that you may have either elevated or low blood pressure you can put your mind at ease by asking a member of the Pharmacy Team to check your blood pressure.

Our test takes place in a private area of the pharmacy and costs just £3. 

Travel Advice

Randalstown Pharmacies offer a complete travel advice service including, either providing advice or signposting you towards other agencies who can provide more comprehensive advice on specific topics.
  • Information concerning the stability of your medication when travelling
  • How to minimise the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (Blood Clots) on long-haul flights
  • General security requirements you should check before taking medicines on to flights
  • Specific travel requirements for those with medical conditions such as diabetes
  • Planning your medication requirements whilst abroad
  • Specialist travel items such as water purification tablets and first-aid packs
  • Restrictions on taking specific drugs into foreign countries
  • Travel requirements for those with common medical conditions

Caring for your healthcare needs does not stop when you leave our Pharmacy. Whether you simply need assistance to help choose the best sunglasses or sun cream for that special trip abroad, or you require professional healthcare advice, our Pharmacy team are here to help.

Passport Photos

Randalstown Pharmacies offer a top quality Photography Service if you need a photograph taken to apply for or renew a passport, driving licence or to get a student ID card.

There is no need to make an appointment – just call at the Pharmacy and leave the rest to us.

We can do Irish British digital submissions and certification of identity. Here are a few tips to help you prepare to have your photograph taken for an official document such as a passport:

  • Sunglasses should not be worn and it is advisable not to wear glasses of any sort
  • Only head coverings worn for religious reasons are usually permitted for official photos, so don’t wear a hat or a headband
  • Covering of facial features is generally not permitted, so keep your hair back from your face
  • For photographs of children, parents should not hold the infant in their arms and dummies should be removed before the photograph is taken
  • Keep a neutral expression on your face and try not frown or smile

    You can relax knowing that the quality of your photographs will meet the strict requirements of the passport office or the driving license authority and to